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LPTMR in K60

Question asked by Renata Levinsky on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by alessandro morniroli

I've working with TOWERK60.I have a question about  the low power timer.

From the K60P144M100SF2RM i know that LPTRM works in all low power modes and LPTMR compare register alters only when TCF flag is set (if LPTMR is enabled of course).

Could you explain the following phrase from the document: 

"When the LPTMR is enabled, the LPTMR compare register can only be altered when the
timer compare flag is set. When updating the LPTMR compare register, the LPTMR
compare register must be written and the timer compare flag must be cleared before the
LPTMR counter has incremented past the new LPTMR compare value. "


My target is  - to set the new value into LPTMR compare register,when LPTMR is enabled and LPTMR counter register NOT equal to current LPMT compare register (in the middle of the way).Is it possible?