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unable to flash MC9S12XE

Question asked by carl lin on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by kef



I am using microcontroller MC9S12XET256MAL and I am using Code Warrior as development code and PE Micro USB multilink interface as flashing tool. originally I have no problem flashing the program into uC. however, yesterday when I flash again, I got the error message says, "Communicatoin with the target failed: the target MCU has no clock or wrong BDM clock speed is used or derivative is secure."


        at first, I fixed the problem by going into MCU properties > Internal Peripherals > FLASH > security state and set it to disable. I was able to flash one more time before it display the above error message again.   


      does anyone know what cause it and how do I fix it?