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Flash erase works in debug mode, fails in standalone

Discussion created by Giovanni Montefiori on Dec 13, 2011
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DSP 568037

My application is designed to read and write configuration data into internal flash.
It unlocks global protection, erases the desired sectors, then writes.
The space reserved for that is from 0x7700 to 7AFF; the application does not occupy this area.
For example,

Everything works fine in debug mode, using USB TAP.
When running alone, it doesnt work and the process hangs forever inside the IFsh1_EraseSector method, more precisely in the internal procflash method, without returning any error code.

I'm using codewarrior ver. 6.2

Following are the IFsh1:intFLASH bean parameters:

Write method: write
interrupt service/event: Disabled
Wait in RAM: yes
Virtual page: Disabled