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MPC8641D...The Debugger Does not enter Main.

Discussion created by Parag Rao on Dec 13, 2011
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Dear Team,


                    I am a Newbie to MPC family..i am using code warrior 8.7 PA compiler on windows xp and win7 platform..i have code warrior debugger. i Have gone throught the getting started manual ..and created a project . when i download the code to processor the compiler throws the following error : in one of its "WINDOW". I have break points in main ..but it does not reach..main...the __start.c come to the first executing instruction and then stops...even after pressing F10 it is not stepping ahead.

The other observation is the very first line of __start.c i had set a break point...and clicked on RUN ..the control after few time came again to the same place.


I think the processor is getting reseted..but unable to fine the reason is it due to hardware or software.

Can this issue be caused due to incorrect insertion of Jtag connector[COP]..inserted in opposite manner..but as i have gone through the pin connection..they are active high so..a vcc shoul result in zero.

Please suggest me if i need to do some software or debugger settings in the project which can fetch the control to main.........:smileyhappy: :smileyhappy: :smileyhappy:.


I am Using MPCHPCN..argo navis Motherboard.



Thanks and Regards




Program "debug.elf (chain position 2, core #2)" is executing. Choose Break from the Debug menu to stop it.