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qe32 - ics

Question asked by roberto.m on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by roberto.m

hi, I'm setting up qe32 clock. It is very difficult.

I have an external crystal wit 32768 kHz.

I need a 39.85 MHz DCOoutput and f_bus about 20 MHz.

I also use rtc => 2 s. interrupt. ( RTCSC  = 0x65;  RTCMOD = 0x03:smileywink:

Actually I use this procedure to setup the ICS:


  setReg8(ICSC1, 0x03);                /* Initialization of the ICS control register 1 */
  setReg8(ICSC2, 0x06);                /* Initialization of the ICS control register 2 */
  while(!ICSSC_OSCINIT) {              /* Wait until the initialization of the external crystal oscillator is completed */
  /* ICSSC: DRST_DRS=1,DMX32=1 */
  clrSetReg8Bits(ICSSC, 0x80, 0x60);   /* Initialization of the ICS status and control */
  while((ICSSC & 0xC0) != 0x40) {      /* Wait until the FLL switches to Mid range DCO mode */


If i am connect with bdm and I go in stopmode3, after resume I have a correct clock. If I disconnect the bdm, clock changes. Why? Where I am wrong?

Thank you.