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Xs128 MCU simulation iic communication acquisition mma7455 no response signal

Discussion created by feng tian on Dec 11, 2011
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void start() {SDA=1;delay1us();SCL=1;delay1us();SDA=0;delay1us();SCL=0;}void end(){SDA=0;delay1us();SCL=1;delay1us();SDA=1;delay1us();}void respons(){uchar i;SCL=1;delay1us();outa=0;delay1us();while((SDA==1)&&(i<250))i++;SCL=0;delay1us();outa=1;delay1us();}void write_byte(uchar date){uchar i;for(i=0;i<8;i++){SCL=0;delay1us();if(date&0x80) SDA=1;else SDA=0;delay1us();SCL=1;delay1us();date<<=1; }SCL=0;delay1us();SDA=1;delay1us();}uchar read_byte(){ uchar i,k; SCL=0; delay1us(); SDA=1; delay1us(); outa=0; delay1us(); for(i=0;i<8;i++) {  SCL=1;  delay1us();  k=(k<<1)|SDA;  SCL=0;  delay1us(); } outa=1; return (k);}    void write_add(uchar add,uchar date)  {   start();   write_byte(0x3a);   respons();   write_byte(add);   respons();   write_byte(date);   respons();   end();   }    uchar read_add(uchar add)    {     uchar date;     start();     write_byte(0x3a);     respons();     write_byte(add);     respons();     start();     write_byte(0x3b);     respons();     date=read_byte();     respons();     end();     return (date);    }

 outa is DDRT_DDRT1


My English is not good, so I can explain about meaning, hope to understand; My program in C51 MCU can be run, but in XS128 has been no response signal

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