Don Webster

dragon12-plus-usb board 3.3V to power a zigbee

Discussion created by Don Webster on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by Robert Montgomery

For a school project, I have a dragon12-plus-usb board, that I need to communicate with a zigbee rf transceiver over the sc1 serial port.


But first I need 3.3v power for the zigbee. The 3.3V connector on my drag12 board, I don't see any voltage on my volt meter. Yet, the 5V connector does register on my volt meter.


I can't find any info on which jumper, or whatever I need to do to activate the 3.3V power.


It is driving me crazy, because I am talking to the SC1 port just fine. (When I loop TXD back to RXD I read whatever I send).


Any help would be appreciated. The end of the semester is rapidly approacing.