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SPI 1  K60 TOWER confusion

Question asked by Lukas Osmancik on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2013 by Lukas Osmancik

I am confused in documentation.


1) In TWR-K60512 users manual there are SPI1 on B7 - B11 tower pins

     B7 - SPI1_CLK     usage PTE2

     B8 - SPI1_CS1     

     B9 - SPI1_CS0    usage PTE4

     B10 - SPI1_MOSI   usage PTE1

     B11 - SPI1_MISO   usage PTE3


2) In K60 reference manual chapter 10.3.1 there is signal multiplexing and pin assignment

There are SPI signals described as SPI1_SIN, SPI1_SCK, SPI1_SOUT.

Why the different labeling of signals in documents for one device?


The last curious thing is that I found that the my software using SPI1 sends data on the B11 which is PTE3  - MISO or SIN!!!