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L1102 Out of Allocation Space LL36/LL64

Question asked by PG1 on Dec 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2012 by PG1

When we build a project with an LL64 as a target, everything goes fine. The last lines of the map file are:


Number of blocks to be downloaded: 37
Total size of all blocks to be downloaded: 22502


Question1- Is this truly the number of bytes of ROM that are used, or is something left out.


Now, the amount of RAM is the same on a LL36 but the ROM decreases from ~64K to ~32K. Furthermore, all data objects are much less than  a page window size.

Question2- When we build the same exact project with same settings for LL32, we get L1102 link allocation error indicating there is not enough ROM. But 22502<~36k so there should be enough rom. Any ideas?