Ulf Bormann

How can I flash my application?

Discussion created by Ulf Bormann on Dec 6, 2011
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I write my application and tested it inside internal RAM. Now I wanna flash it to use it as a stand alone application.


Therefore I changed the debug configuration from MK60N512VMD100_INTERNAL_RAM to MK60N512VMD100_INTERNAL_FLASH, but it has no effect.

With the internal Flash configuration I can debug my program as before. But after a reset or after power up my application doesn t run.


Using the flash might be more complicated than I expect.

So what must I do to get my program into flash?


I also try to use the simple flash programmer that is part of Codewarrior, but I alway get error messages when I try to use it.


I use the TWR K60 Tower and CodeWarrior 10.1


May Thanks