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Kinetis BSP_PE Cloning Issue

Question asked by Alessandro Vagniluca on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by James Trudeau

I use CodeWarrior 10.1 SE with ProcessorExpert 5.1 and MQX 3.7.

I am trying to clone PSP_twrk60n512 and BSP_twrk60n512_PE libraries to the new libraries needed by my new MQX-based application on my new board with the Kinetis K20 cpu.

I am following both MQX User Guide and AN4287 for my porting pourpose.


I see PSP_twrk60n512 and BSP_twrk60n512_PE libraries relay on the MK60N512VMD100.h include file.

I copied the MK20N512VMD100.h include file for K20 cpu from the  {CW10.1}\MCU\ProcessorExpert\lib\Kinetis\iofiles folder to the {MQX 3.7}\mqx\source\psp\cortex folder. In this folder I modified the psp_cpudef.h in order to include the needed macroes for K20 cpu:






#define PSP_CPU_K20N512         PSP_CPU_MK20N512


because in the user_config.h include file in the  {MQX 3.7}\config\MyBoard folder I have defined:


#define MQX_CPU                 PSP_CPU_MK20N512


With those changes I got my new PSP library builded.


For the new BSP_PE I modified the ProcessorExpert original project, adding the K20 cpu component (and activating its configuration) and all the LDD emmbedded components needed by my application and regenerating the ProcessorExpert code.

But I get errors when I try to build my new BSP_PE library.


The first error I got ("MK20DZ10 memory map: There is already included another memory map.") was caused by redefinitions in the IO_Map.h include file generated by ProcessorExpert tool. Comparing this file with the same one in the BSP_twrk60n512_PE library I realized I had to modify in the IO_Map.h include file the MCU activation macroes in the same way:


#if !defined(MCU_MK20DZ10) && !defined(MCU_MK20N512VMD100)  /* Check if memory map has not been already included */

#define MCU_MK20DZ10

#define MCU_MK20N512VMD100


But then I got another error in the building: "XXX PDD library: Unsupported derivative is active."

I see that in all {embedded components}_PDD.h include file in the {CW10.1}\MCU\ProcessorExpert\lib\Kinetis\pdd\inc folder the test if supported MCU is active looks for the defined MCU_MK60DZ10 and MCU_MK60N512VMD100 macroes for K60, but only for the defined MCU_MK20DZ10 for K20.

Is this the cause of the building error?

Have I to modify all the {embedded components}_PDD.h include files to include K20 too?


Can you provide me a step-by-step procedure to port the PSP and BSP_PE libraries for TWR-K60N512 from Kinetis K60 cpu to another Kinetis cpu (K20, K10, ... ) ?