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S12X CAN RX issue

Discussion created by P Manasa on Dec 1, 2011
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Dear experts,


Yet another issue with CAN . I am using S12XS128 controller for CAN application.

I have build 10 identifiers of which few are 11 bit and the rest 29 bit. I did not see any problem while transmitting messages with these identifiers but at the receivind end of these messages, 29 bit identifiers are exactly received while 11 bit identifiers went wrong. they do not match with the identifiers transmitted. 

the acceptance and mask registers are loaded with the bitwise anding of all the identifiers and invert of the result(after bitwise anding).  The last four bytes of the framed 11-bit identifier must be zeroes but it shows some value.  I would appreciate for a solution ASAP.

Thankyou in advance.