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case sensitive for a few folder name if project located on network dirver

Discussion created by connie ran on Nov 30, 2011
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codewarrior is DSC56800 R8.1, project name scf_sec, all folder name and file name is lowecase. we use clearcase for code control, it works OK.

But now we migrate from clearcase to SVN, so development enviorment changed too.

OS: win XP with some restriction
      1. disable print spooler on service
      2. remove search menu from start menu
      3. disable address form
      4. disable new a map network driver
      5. disable run
      6. disable cmd
      7. disable USB driver
Project Location: network driver

now we meet 2 serious problems:
1, when compile project, errors occurred, it say folder \CODE or \DOC can not be created.

    the problem does not happen when project location is local driver and OS is win XP with some restriction,

    it does not happen when project location is network driver and OS is win XP without some restriction

2, the CW IDE hangs and stops responding, Sometimes this happens during compile, sometimes during link