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Knowing bug list in Freescale S12 compiler.

Discussion created by Grzegorz Konopko on Nov 29, 2011
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I need a support for S12 compiler (IDE version 5.9.0 build 5294). I use it not for fun but for serious application and is very important for me. Few days ago I asked for support from processor expert team and they claim there is some "ambiguous" (ambiguous = not isolated in my understanding) bugs in compiler, especially when use optimization. I try to force them to report them this bug in order to isolate and pass to compiler team what I hope will fix bug. I do not know if there is any communication between "Processor Expert team" and "Compiler team" and it is important issue for me. Pleas advise :


1. Is there any knowing bug list for S12 compiler? Processor expert force user to use specific optimization option because they claims there is bug: please follow thread:


2. Is it valid to execute C compiled code without proper set stack pointer? Processor Expert generate file Cpu.c where use it. Please see attachment. From my understanding is bug.


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