Rajan Kumar

Sample code for CAN driver of MC9S12G128

Discussion created by Rajan Kumar on Nov 25, 2011
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Please provide the sample code for CAN driver of MC9S12G128.

I am facing problem while initiating CAN driver.

By reset its entering into Initialization mode. I am initialising all the registers and setting Ctrl register bit to enter in normal mode. But its not coming out of initialisation mode.

Please refer the following code for reference.

  CAN_Module_Ptr -> TppCAN_Register.uc_Ctl0 = 0xFE;

  while (INITAK_BIT == (CAN_Module_Ptr -> TppCAN_Register.uc_Ctl1 \
                        & INITAK_BIT) )
    /* wait for init mode to be released */

Please provide the solution as soon as possible.