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Procedure for creating target bsp

Question asked by Elizabeth Russell on Nov 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by Petr Uhlir

I am creating a bsp for a target board for the Kinetis K60 with CW10. I know I need to create a CW project (MQX and PE) for this target bsp, but am not sure where it should be located. I am unable to create a new project in the folder with the Freescale provided bsp projects - I just get the message "An existing directory cannot be specified for the project location". I can create a new project in my workspace, of course,  which I did. I copied the files in the the bsp_twrk60n512_pe project folder , twrk60n512 BSP Files, and the folder, twrk60n512 User Config, into my new project's folder in my workspace. I have modified these files where appropriate for the target as well as the lcf files. I linked in files from the Generic IO Drivers folder and the Peripheral IO Drivers folder of the twrk60n512_pe project from the MQX directory so that my new project has the same structure as that project. I haven't tried to build yet since I still have to add all the includes.


Is this the correct procedure? How should the batch file be edited in this case so that the correct files are located in the MQX lib directory? Are there any detailed instructions for doing this?