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MCF52259 Code optimization.

Discussion created by vivek a k on Nov 22, 2011
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Hi I am working on MCF52259 in CW 7.2 environment with MQX 3.7 RTOS...My controller has an internal flash of 512 KB...After compilation of my project i found that the output files generated .

1.intflash.elf(.bin format) size 150 KB

2.intflash.elf(S19 format) size 321 KB


And more than half of the  coding to do,m left clueless on how i will be able to accomodate all that in the Internal Flash.(No external Flash used)..


I treid optimizing the code with the options present in the code generation tab of CW like


1.Global optimizat ion set to Level 4(Max).

2.Checked in Register Coloring and PeepHole Under the ColdFire Processor tab



But i found the above has no effect on the size...


Presently i am using the TWR board from freescale....I want to know whether the size of code it would be different when i bring up my own Board .


Any Suggestion and help is highly appreciated...