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Question asked by Alexis Adenot Employee on Nov 21, 2011



Regarding TBDML and OSBDM, which debugger to use for S12?


In my previous project, I included a TBDML interface.


Now, I am starting a new project and should I include TBDML or OSBDM?


In revision 5.1 of Code Warrior, the OSBDM is included in default target list of a new project, TBDML is not. But a code that previously embedded TBDML target will work through TBDML.


In revision 10 of Code Warrior, OSBDM/OSJTAG products will be supported. There is no plans to support TBDML in this product.


So it seems I have to switch to OSBDM, right?


In the Open Source BDM-JM60 - Users Guide (revision 16 June 2010), while checking hardware, it appeared that the piece of hardware that supports S12BDM interface is not fully described into the schematics (Figure 2.12 Schematic Design page 20). Where could I find the whole schematics (only page 1 out of 2 is included into document)?


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