The Wandboard - ultra lowcost development board with Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor

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The Wandboard - ultra lowcost development board with Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor

The Wandboard - ultra lowcost development board with Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor

The Wandboard is a ultra low power complete computer with high performance multimedia capabilities based around the new upcoming Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor and comes with a dazzling 1Ghz processor HDMI display interface and gigabit ethernet. The dualcore version of the Wandboard (The Wandboard DUAL) not only features 1GB of memory but also has onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Wandboard Solo

Wandboard Dual

ProcessorFreescale i.MX6 SoloFreescale i.MX6 Duallite
CoresCortex-A9 Single coreCortex-A9 Dual core
Memory512 MB DDR31 GB DDR3

Optical S/PDIF
Camera interface
micro SD cardslot22

Serial port
Expansion Header
SATA connectorNot populatedNot populated

Gigabit LAN
WIFI (802.11n)

69 USD

89 USD

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I am interested in an extimation about when those boards will be available for buying?

Another doubt is if those modules will be sold without the baseboard and what would be the cost of them?

The Wandboard is currently in a serial production which means that within the next few weeks units will start shipping to people outside the team.

Mass produced units will appear a few weeks later and to get notified please get in touch with one of the distributors or put your name/details on the reservation list. You will in that case receive a notification.

For modules without baseboards. We are preparing this given that many people emailed us that they want to create their own baseboard and use the Wandboard module in their project. If you are working or planning on creating a baseboard. Get in touch with the wandboard team once your board is ready. We are keen to list custom projects based on the wandboard module on the wandboard homepage.


      I am happy to say that i got this wandboard from tenet technetronics.its working good.ubuntu and jelly bean running smoothly.

Future Electronics is pleased to supply this community sponsored board to all locations worldwide.

They can easily be purchased online at our Global websites: ManufacturerName : WANDBOARD.ORG - Future Electronics

If you have an account with Future you can just contact your local branch to order.

This is an amazing low cost community board that supports the EDM SOM form factor. The best part about Wandboard is that you have a clear path from Wandboard to a commercial product simply by swapping the EDM with a commercial supported model. Please contact Future for information on other EDM form factor i.MX6 boards that are commercially viable options for a production product.

I just checked the digi-key pricing is $15 over the advertised price. I need a US distributor who is not going to rip me off. Please advise...

Future Electronics is 5 dollars less than advertised list, and supplies to any country in the world. (That can legally be shipped to :-) )

Just order online or contact your local branch.


I would like to use this design in a aeronautics project.

However, as I need to ensure I will be able to provide the board to my customer in the next 20 years, I need to do my own board, under my responsibility.

This means I need to acquire the Gerber files (Manufacturing files) of this wandboard, which is supposed to be "Open source". I did not find the manufacturing files on Wandboard website, so I am wondering if this is available...

Wandboard is a community board. They publish the schematics in pdf form

and will (soon) publish the BOM. There are other EDM modules available,

a commercial supplier would inform you of last time buys, or possibly be

able to offer an escrow clause on the design.

Given Freescale has a product longevity program they guarantee

availability of the i.MX6 chip for 15 years. To guarantee extension to

20 you would work with a distributor such as Future Electronics to hold

forecasted inventory and ensure continuity of supply if eventually the

part (or module) is ever EOL. Many Freescale parts extend well beyond

the published longevity, so the 15yrs should be viewed as a minimum


Iain Galloway

978-333-1877 Cell USA

902-213-2040 Cell Canada

Thanks Iain,

This is indeed because of  i.MX reliable longevity that I planned to use i.MX6 for my equipment.

Do you think Future is able to sell the board design files?

In other words you suggest Wandboard is a open source concept, provided you purchase at least the board, or the design, right? :-)



The design files are published by Wandboard in PDF form and are available to anyone.

BTW - you probably can't make the board as inexpensively as they can.

If you need someone to custom design a carrier please contact Future!

The WBQUAD is now available!

The WB SOMs are also now available in 10 packs (no wandboard carrier board) starting at US$64 for Solo.

Industrial versions following the same open EDM modules specification are available with guaranteed 12yr life, industrial temp, CAN bus and eMMC instead of booting from SDCard.

‎12-09-2012 11:26 PM