GuruCE adds support for iMX6 UL & ULL to their iMX6 WEC7/WEC2013 BSP

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GuruCE adds support for iMX6 UL & ULL to their iMX6 WEC7/WEC2013 BSP

GuruCE adds support for iMX6 UL & ULL to their iMX6 WEC7/WEC2013 BSP

On the 1st of July 2018, GuruCE released an update of their WEC7/WEC2013 iMX6 BSP now with full support for iMX6 ULL, UL, Solo, DualLite, Dual, DualPlus, Quad and QuadPlus processors! The BSP can be used to build Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Compact 2013 kernels.

Some highlights:

  • Support for UL & ULL
  • Display clone
  • CE Updater (update firmware from within CE)
  • Multi-touch
  • Super fast and reliable USB RNDIS and USB Serial for KITL
  • Simplified use of hive-based registry (no need to pre-format disks anymore)
  • Completely verified clock tree code
  • Gigabit Ethernet (on selected boards and with limitations due to NDIS)
  • Easy switch USB function
  • Copy/update firmware from SD to eMMC
  • Keep track of reason of last reset (power-on reset, software reset, watchdog reset, etc)
  • Many improvements to our BSP catalog to make working with our BSP even easier
  • And many more improvements, fixes and new features!

Further details in the release notes.

Our promise

We will keep improving our iMX6 BSP, adding new features and we will be supporting our customers for many years to come, at the very least until the end of Microsoft's extended support end date of 10 October 2023.

Even though the GuruCE i.MX6 BSP is already the best performing, 100% OAL stable and most feature-rich i.MX6 BSP on the market today, there are always things to improve or fix and new features to implement.

Here's our wishlist:

  • Bring hardware accelerated H.264 video codecs to WEC2013 (not just WEC7)
  • Improve Gigabit network performance
  • Animated GIF bootsplash support
  • Create a solid solution for multi-display touch

As always; if you have anything you want us to add to the list or you want us to prioritize an item on the list: contact us and we'll make it happen.

Don't forget to check our Testimonials page to see what some of our customers have to say about the GuruCE i.MX6 BSP.

Don't believe the hype? Try it yourself!

We've got free downloadable evaluation kernels for the Element14 RIoTboard, the Boundary Devices SABRE-Lite, Nitrogen6X and Nitrogen6_VM, the Device Solutions Opal6 (all variants), the Digi ConnectCore6, the NXP SDP (DualLite & Quad), the SDB-QP(QuadPlus), the NXP MCIMX6ULL EVK (ULL), the Toradex Colibri and the Variscite VAR-SOM_MX6 (Dual/Quad) Starter Kit.

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iMX6 landing page:
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