sdphost, blhost on Mac does not work.

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sdphost, blhost on Mac does not work.

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    I'm having a problem that *some* macs, with identical hardware and seemingly identical software, don't run sdphost the same.

On a mac mini (A1933), running Big Sur, sdphost works fine.  I've done a USB trace, the MIMXRT1051 enumerates fine, sdphost runs fine, blhost runs fine. Everything okay.  We'll call this 'machine A'.  I've done a USB sniffer trace, and everything is okay, device enumerates, and sdphost sends and receives 3 packets when running

sdphost -t 50000 -u 0x1FC9,0x0130 -j -- error-status


On a seemingly *identical* machine, we'll call 'machine B', the 1050 also enumerates fine, no issues at all during enumeration.  But when I run the same command, from the same USB stick (moved the 1050 and USB stick to the other computer), sdphost sends no USB packets and fails silently.  

I'm attempting to find the reason for the difference, but the source & build environment for sdphost doesn't seem to exist anywhere useful, so I can't build and single step through the code.

I have found:

Inside the 1050/1060 SDKs, there is a tools directory ./middleware/mcu-boot/tools/tools/sdphost/sdphost that includes some semblance of sdphost.  However, it requires a ton of files that don't exist in the SDK, and also doesn't include an xCode project for compiling on the Mac.  

Since sdphost is the first step in communicating with the 1060, I need that to work before I can work with blhost.  (right?  or am I missing something?)


My questions are:

  1. Has anyone seen this before on the Mac?
  2. How do I compile sdphost from source code, either on the Mac, Windows, or Linux for that matter?  The readme says it can be compiled on all 3, but only a visual studio project is included.




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi caleb:

sdphost can work on my MAC.

Not sure the problem, there is a possibility that on your ' machine B', there is another USB device whose PID/VID is the same as the target board's.  



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Thanks for the idea, but all other usb was unplugged

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