mp3 decoder optimized for M7 core

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mp3 decoder optimized for M7 core

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Hi All,

I need to make mp3 player on imxRT1060. It will read from the SD card and send the decoded data to the I2S codec. Does NXP have any library for SW mp3 decoder optimized for M7 (imxRT). Is there a example mp3 decoder project for imxRT(MCUXpresso)? Or, Do I have to use Helix decoder or any one else. Is anybody able to help me?

Thank you.

J. C.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Jaroslav,

The MP3 codec components are not implemented in our the demo software  due to a source code license conflict between the NXP software and the available open MP3 sources.  Below is link of LPC app note, which also may be helpful for customers, using i.MX RT1050. 



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