imxrt1176 evm SDRAM

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imxrt1176 evm SDRAM

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The IMXRT1176 EVM has two 16-bit wide SDRAM chips, for a total of 32 data pins.  The manuals are not clear how this actually works in practice.  If you load the SEMC_m7 example project you can see the dcd and pinmux are set up for 32 bit wide data.  

But.... the driver tool SEMC is limited to only 8 or 16 bit data.  Will this tool be updated soon?

Also is there more detail about exactly how the setup on the EVM (same chip select to both memories) works in terms of registers to set up, etc.?  

All the documentation for SDRAM is based on the RT1060 so it only goes up to 16 bit wide data path and 166MHz clock speed.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Marc,

I couldn’t find a document that covers the 32-bit setup in detail. As you mentioned, the SDK examples do provide a starting point, but the tool itself sets up the SEMC to 8 or 16 bits as the 32 bit access it’s actually a double 16 bit access. As of today I’m not aware of an effort to add a 32-bit setup on the config tools.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


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