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imxRT1062 eFUSE tools

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    We would like to set the eFUSE for booting from a QSPI NOR Flash without depending on the BOOT pins as struggling with IOs availability for a custom board. Could you please guide me how to burn these eFUSE on the chip using MCUXpresso IDE? We have a JTAG connection for programming and debugging! Serial/USB to serial connection is available to connect to a PC for debugging purpose. I am not sure if we can attach a tool to it for setting this fuse. 

Thanks & regards,


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Rajani,

Hope you are doing well.

There are several tools that can help you burn the fuses. I'll list them here:

1. MCUBootUtility Tool:

GitHub - JayHeng/NXP-MCUBootUtility: A one-stop boot utility tool based on Python2.7+wxPython4.0, it... 

 - Please keep in mind that to burn the fuses using this utility you need to use either USB or UART while the RT is in serial downloader mode

2. MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool:

 - Direct connection to the target via UART, USB-HID for provisioning and programming

User Guide

3.  It is also possible to burn the fuses in runtime, please refer to the following thread: 

How to burn BT_FUSE_SEL on RT1050

Best Regards,



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Hello Ms. Bruce,

Is it possible to burn fuses through JTAG?

We are kind of limited in space for connectors and cannot afford a USB connector just for programming.

Best regards,

Raul Tierno


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Hello Raul Tierno,

you can download a small program to RAM with JTAG which burns these fuses. For a code example take a look at the post linked in Ms. Bruce third item.

Kind regards,


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Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your advice.

I was hoping to use MCUBootUtility or MCU Secure Provisioning Tool through a JTAG connection to both burn fuses and program firmware, instead of USB or UART. A small JTAG footprint seems to be more acceptable to our designers than a USB connector or a UART pin header.

I was trying to keep production steps simple and to not write a dedicated piece of software for production but it seems to be the way to go if that is not supported by any NXP tool.

Best regards,

Raul Tierno


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