iMXRT1064 Link2 issue

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iMXRT1064 Link2 issue

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        I'm facing some issues with my iMXRT1064 custom board while trying to debug/flash code using lpc-link2 debugger.

       1. When using lpc-link2 for debugging, I'm unable to get any breakpoints inside my code(main.c). The debugger doesn't complain while loading the code. Later when I start debugging then the window shows break at address "0x217398" with no debug information available. It just hangs there. I have attached some screen shot of this issue here for reference.

       2. When  using lpc-link2 for flashing the code everything goes fine but the code is not running in the target device. There is no error shown by the debugger. Some screen shots attached for reference.

         I'm using MCUExpresso (version 11.4.0) running in Windows 11 and lpc-linkII (driver version 2.0.0). The board is a custom iMXRT1064.

      Couple of years back this code was running without any issues and I didn't change any configuration or made any changes to settings. All are same as it was. But I'm surprised why it is not running now. 

      Let me know if you can lead me to any pointers in order to fix this issue.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @nxpsachve,

First and foremost, MCUXpresso IDE version 11.4 is quite outdated. There have been three years of updates and bugfixes since. I highly recomend you to update your IDE and SDK to the newest versions:
MCUXpresso 11.9 IDE
SDK Builder | MCUXpresso SDK Builder (

That said, I would also recommend you to see if this issue is also present in other projects or example codes from the SDK. You could also try deleting the current debug launch configurations and doing a "clean" for your project on the "QuickStart" window of MCUXpresso. This process is described on the following knowledge base article: MCUXpresso IDE: Debug Probe Selection Dialog (Probe Discovery) - NXP Community


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Hi Edwin,

Thanks for your quick response.
I did try deleting all launch configurations and building and running a clean image but to no success.
I'll try out EVK board with given examples, just to isolate if this issue is related to link server. I will attempt to update to the latest MCUExpresso version later. The reason I am considering this as a last resort is that I was able to run my code with old version before. As of now, I am prioritizing other options.

Apart from this do you have any other clue from the description/logs I provided.


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> Later when I start debugging then the window shows break at address "0x217398" with no debug information available.

This sounds like there is something wrong with the format of the image that you loaded and the ROM bootloader refused to boot from it.  I think that 0x21xxxx is where the ROM bootloader lives in the address space.  This would also be supported by the fact that the image flashes fine but cannot run.

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