i.MXRT1170 FlexSPI MCUXpresso Config Tool error

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i.MXRT1170 FlexSPI MCUXpresso Config Tool error

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Hi everyone,

i try to setup a own NOR Flash example via FlexSPI on the i.MXRT1170 EVK board. As template i use one of the SDK examples "freertos_hello_flash_operation_cm7". 

In contrast to the SDK example i want to use the build in MCUXpresso Config tool at the IDE to configure FlexSPI. If i debug my project the debugger disappers after the "FLEXSPI_Init" at the "BOARD_InitPeripherals" section. Why does that happen?

Did i forget to initalize something for the FLEXSPI at the MCUXpresso Config tool or is there an additional configruation?

PS: If i set the configuration of FLEXSPI to "Custom" (Default) the same problem occurs


Looking forward for some answers!

Thank you!

Best Regards





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Contributor III

Hi Berni,

Are you using a custom LUT?

We went down that path as well, and discovered that when we used a custom LUT, the generated code for FLEXSPI_init() is incorrect.

The problem is that the LUT can only be modified when MCRn[MDIS] is cleared. Here is the description of MDIS from the Reference Manual.

    "When module disabled, AHB/serial clock will be gated off internally to save power. Only register access
    (except LUT/IP RX FIFO/IP TX FIFO) is allowed."

To fix, swap the calls so the order is: (1) FLEXSPI_Init (2) FLEXSPI_SetFlashConfig (3) FLEXSPI_UpdateLUT. This ensures FLEXSPI_UpdateLUT is called after MDIS is cleared.


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