i.MX RT1170 TSN demo config error

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i.MX RT1170 TSN demo config error

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  When I followed this NXP_GenAVB_TSN_Stack_FreeRTOS_Eval_User_s_Guide-3_3_rev0.pdf step, My log showed in the attachment.

I have 3 questions,The first one ,I can't use  ls \cd \ mkdir\CAT instructions in shell commander. When I input Insert key,and input ls or cd instruction, log is : 

lfs_dir_open(/) failed: -84
CONTROLLER_0>>mkdir 2
lfs_file_mkdir(//2) failed: -84
CONTROLLER_0>>cd /CONTROLLER_0>>mkdir port0
lfs_file_mkdir(//port0) failed: -84

 But the reference is : As stated before, if this is the first time the shell is used, the filesystem is empty. This can be verified
with the command ls:
By referring to section 11.2.1, which summarizes all the configuration settings available, the IP address
corresponds to the setting /port0/ip_addr.

and  my log in the beginning:  CONTROLLER_0>>directory /fgptp doesn't exist
directory /avdecc doesn't exist
INITd i r e c t o r y / p0o.r0t000 0d0o0e0s0n0' ta peix i s t
genavb_init  I guess maybe they are related, but  I don't know how to vertify it .Do you give me some advices for it ?

The second question,  when I changed the config about slave and master, just the role changed , like this:  IPERF TCP server started
INFO 0 app main_task : tsn_app config
INFO 0 app main_task : mode : NETWORK_ONLY
INFO 0 app main_task : role : 0    ( when I configured  it as slave  ,it was 1  and IO_DEVICE0 )
INFO 0 app main_task : num_slaves : 1
INFO 0 app main_task : motor_offset : 0
INFO 0 app main_task : control_strategy : 0
INFO 0 app main_task : BUILD_MOTOR disabled, mode forced to NETWORK_ONLY
index is :0

but this log  INFO 9.982441048 fgptp fgptp_stats_dump : Port 0: Role: Disabled Link: Down AS_Capable: No  is not same as reference Port 0: role changed from DISABLED to SLAVE  (or Controller)   Port 0: Role: Slave Link: Up AS_Capable: Yes   ,this role is changed ,but my log was not changed.  In addition ,I have changed these files. 

1.Documents/tsn/genavb-apps-freertos-3_3_5/boards/src/demo_apps/avb_tsn/tsn_app/configs.c .role(主:CONTROLLER_0 0 从:IO_DEVICE_0 1)
2.Documents/tsn/genavb-apps-freertos-3_3_5/fgptp/config.h --CFG_GPTP_DEFAULT_GM_CAPABLE(主:1 从:0)
3.Documents/tsn/genavb-sdk-endpoint_tsn-freertos_rt1176-3_3_5/fgptp/freertos/main.c ---.gmCapable = 1, //grandmaster controller .gmCapable = 0, //device
4.Documents/tsn/genavb-sdk-endpoint_tsn-freertos_rt1176-3_3_5/fgptp/config.h --CFG_GPTP_DEFAULT_PORT_ROLE MASTER_PORT (6) DISABLED_PORT(3)

I want to know how to configure role not by shell configure.


The last one, could you give me an right log text? Thanks!




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