i.MX RT 1052 - Serial Downloader with UART1

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i.MX RT 1052 - Serial Downloader with UART1

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Hello, I have developed my first i.MX RT 1052 board.

After two days (and nights) I had the internal DCDC working without overcurrent issue.


Tried to connect with SWD debugger (Lauterbach) without success.

Tried using JTAG (MIPI10) without success.


Even though I asked a design review of my schematics, and after two another days (and nights) troubling, I discovered that JTAG_MOD must be tied to GND which in my board I left opened (thanks Lauterbach for assistance).


So before to go to a second PCB design review, I would like to use the UART1 Serial Download to communicate with the i.MX and hopefully download an image to the QSPI NOR Flash Memory.


I couldn't find specific documentation about using UART1 serial downloader.

I have my MIMXRT1050-EVK (rev A3) to test UART1 serial download, but even using J28 USB and relative virtual com port, setting SW7.1-3 OFF and SW7.4 ON, I can't connect with blhost --port COMXX etc.


Can you please guide me to use Serial Download with UART1 with my EVK? Than I will try to do the same with my target.




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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Marco,

You could refer to Figure 8-1 “Boot flow” of the i.MX RT1050 Reference Manual for details regarding the boot sequence to enter in Serial Downloader mode with LPUART1.

Additionally, the Serial Downloader implementation is shared with other i.MX devices, so, you could refer to the following Community thread regarding additional settings to get the UART serial downloader working:

UART serial downloader settings 

Hope this will be useful for you.
Best regards!

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Senior Contributor II

Hi Carlos,

I just want to clarify what you said above...

I'm starting a project with iMXRT, but I've worked with iMX6 and the Boundary Devices USB bootloader...

Does the iMXRT family use the same USB bootloader protocol as iMX6 uses?

In other words, can I use that same USB Bootloader with iMXRT?


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