can you configure FlexIO to output HDMI stream?

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can you configure FlexIO to output HDMI stream?

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I'm wondering if it could be possible to configure FlexIO on the imxrt 1011 to output HDMI stream? Or is there any limitation that make this impossible? I'm thinking just adding LVDS tranceiver on some gpio in order to get the require diferential lane. This would really help cause it would reduce my bom cost as i dont need to think about a display solution, user can just use generic hdmi display

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Claude,


Unfortunately, we do not have any references that could help you with this task. I would be a little concern about data speed in HDMI protocol. From my perspective it would be a hard task to achieve this using i.MX RT101x devices, I would recommend you check i.MX processors.


Best regards,


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