Use of multi-core ENET_QOS interfaces

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Use of multi-core ENET_QOS interfaces

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Hey, I have a problem that needs support:

Now I use THE M7 of RT1176 as the main core and schedule tasks on both M7 and M4 cores.

On both cores, the ENET_QOS interface (for example, ENET_QOS_SendFrame) needs to be called to send data,

However, I discovered that enet_QOS_HANDLE_T cannot be created on both cores at the same time, only on one.

Please help me, thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @anjun,


Are you saying that the compiler is not able to define the enet_qos_handle_t type on both cores?

I believe the issue is most likely that this handle type cannot be handled by both cores at the same time. This is reasonable, since a coordination mechanism would have to be in place with some sort of mailbox, to ensure that the information is properly shared between both cores.

This process is very complicated, especially for ENET implementations. I would highly suggest you leave this implementation for only one core instead.




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