Rotary Encoder - Simultaneous Phase A Phase B Change

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Rotary Encoder - Simultaneous Phase A Phase B Change

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I'm trying to use the ENC module in my project. When I went through the interrupts, I see there is a kENC_SimultBothPhaseChangeInterruptEnable. I assumed this one would generate an interrupt when both the phase values change. If that is true, then this interrupt should be generated when the position of the rotary encoder changes. But, I don't see this interrupt getting fired when I change my position.

I can see the values changing when I poll for them and read them but no interrupt is being triggered.

I also checked the CTRL register and both the IE and IRQ flags are set for this interrupt. 

1. Is my understanding correct about of what this interrupt does?

2. Has anyone tried getting this interrupt fired?

3. Is there any other way to trigger an interrupt whenever there is a position change in the encoder?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Thivya,
Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and for the opportunity to serve you.
After checking, the ENC module hasn't supported the kENC_SimultBothPhaseChangeInterruptEnable request until now actually.
Sorry for bringing any inconvenience to you.
Have a great day,

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