RT1176 discover the wrong core


RT1176 discover the wrong core

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I designed a PCB with MIMXRT1176DVMAA. It's connect to SDRAM via semc and NOR via FlexSPI1 same as in the EVK.

I try to run an example for Cortex-M4 from the EVK SDK and in the debug process at the Target discovery stage I get a message that Cortex-M7 has been selected and vice versa. 

In some example I don't get this message and in the RT1170EVK its don't happen at all. 

Do someone knew how to fix that and why this happen?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @omrisarfati ,

Thank you for your time and for contacting NXP support.

By default the Cortex M7 is the primary core on the i.MXRT1170. This could be causing that the software you are trying to run on the Cortex M4 is not being flash as you will like to.

We can switch to CM4 primary core with a fuse and then the system boots form CM4 core. But this is a permanent change, please let me know if this help you out and also please find a link to an Application Note that you can find useful.

AN13574 i.MX RT1170 CM4 Primary Core Application 

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