RT106x external interrupt sources

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RT106x external interrupt sources

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Is there a document that describe assignment of external interrupt sources to interrupt controller in i.MX RT1060/1064?

What I'm asking is, for example, I have a external trigger source, like push button, connected to GPIO pin that should trigger interrupt handler function. I'm designing hardware base on i.MX RT1060 and I'd like to know which GPIO's pins can be used as source for external interrupt. In my experience with ARM Cortex-M micro-controllers only certain number of GPIOs can be assign to function as trigger sources for external interrupts.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Mariusz,

Regarding your following question: "I'd like to know which GPIO's pins can be used as a source for external interrupt". You can find this information on Table 3-2 of the reference manual.


Also, within the SDK for the RT1060-EVK you will find an example named igpio_input_interrupt. This project triggers an interrupt each time you press a button from the evaluation kit. You can use this project as a base to create your own. 

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