RT1064 SD card WP pin and different peripherals not usable simultaneously

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RT1064 SD card WP pin and different peripherals not usable simultaneously

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I would like to use:

  • external SDRAM (SEMC)
  • Camer interface (CSI)
  • SD card (uSDHC2)
  • Ethernet (ENET2)
  • and SWD

The issue now is that I cannot use all of them simultaneously. The problematic pins are:

  • CSI: Signal Data07 (Pad: E14 or L13)
  • SWD: Signal TMS (Pad: E14)
  • SEMC: Signal Data15 (Pad: E4)
  • uSDHC: Signal Write Protect WP (Pad: E4 or L13)

But the most problematic pin is the sd card WP pin. I have to use pad L13 as WP pin because E4 is used by SEMC. Also I have to use pad L13 for CSI because E14 is used by SWD. Maybe there is a simple workaround for WP pin but cannot see it right now. Of course debugging (SWD) is mandatory while using all of the needed components at the same time. According to the reference manual WP pin should be tied low.

1) Is there a software workaround avoiding to use WP pin (Pad L13)?


Thank you in advance.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Frank, 

As a workaround for the write-protect pin of the SD card, you could use any GPIO pin. 

Have a great day,




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