RT1060 QSPI Flash change to Macronix MX25L6433F

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RT1060 QSPI Flash change to Macronix MX25L6433F

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We have a project developed with MCUXpresso for RT1060 MCU that is working fine when booting from the external QSPI Flash Memory IS25LP064A (default flash in the MIMXRT1060-EVK).

Now, we are interested in replacing the QSPI flash memory by a new model Macronix MX25L6433F.

As we haven't found a .cfx driver for the alternate flash model, we have tried to use same driver file MIMXRT1060_SFDP_QSPI.cfx, but we get the following error when trying to load the project code to the flash memory:

Opening flash driver MIMXRT1060_SFDP_QSPI.cfx (already resident)
Sending VECTRESET to run flash driver
Flash variant 'JEDEC_SFDP_Device' detected (8MB = 128*64K at 0x60000000)
Writing 2011904 bytes to address 0x60000000 in Flash
ProgramPage (0x60000000, 0x200057D0, 0x4000) status 0x1 - driver reported driver error - EXTSPIJ driver rc -70 (0xFFFFFFBA)
Sectors written: 16, unchanged: 0, total: 16
Closing flash driver MIMXRT1060_SFDP_QSPI.cfx
Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(49): Flash driver operation gave error.

Please, could you help us to know:

1) How to get the flash driver .cfx file for the alternate flash model?

2) Must we update the flash config definition "const flexspi_nor_config_t qspiflash_config"?

Thank you.


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2) yes you need to update qspiflash_config according to MX25L6433F datasheet (compare it to IS25LP064A for difference in commands and timing). If you want to use the flash in qspi mode you will need to enable it with the MX25L6433F's QE bit. You can enable it by using qspiflash_config .configCmdSeqs and configCmdArgs.

Be careful, some of MX25L6433F configuration bits are writable only once!

Kind regards,


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I used rt1050 for my development, so it may not be the case for rt1060.

The flash driver source project for rt1050 is placed in:


Maybe you could also find the source project for rt1060 there.

With the source project, your own flash driver(.cfx) could be developed.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello @alejandro_lopez,

One known issue about these memories is that you need to enable the QE bit so the memory can work in quad mode. In the following post, you can how can you set this bit.

Best Regards,

Alexis Andalon

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