RT1024 Interface with FRDM-LVPMSM daughter board

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RT1024 Interface with FRDM-LVPMSM daughter board

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I am using MIMXRT1024 EVK with FRDM-MCLVPMSM daughter board. Stacking together as the form factor for both boards are matching and the net names also matching. 

My aim is to spin the Linix and Teknic motors using the mc_pmsm demo project. But I am unable to spin it. If spins, it's intermittent.

Here are my questions: 

1) Can I stack the RT1024 and FRDM-MCLVPMSM board? Is there any wiring diagram for both the boards?

2) Is there any document to use RT1024 (not RT1020, bcz connectors and some connections are different) and FRDM-LVPMSM? If so please attach.

3) If I wanted to spin the motor, do I need to do any modifications( adding/removing any resistors) for the RT1024 EVK board?

4) Is Rev.Code- B1 is the latest schematics?


5) Is there any wiring details for LINIX motor?

Please answer the above questions.

Thank you.






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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Please see my answers below:

1,2,3,5) Please check application user's guide attached.

4) Yes, this is latest version.

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