RT1010EVK SPI and I2C

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RT1010EVK SPI and I2C

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I want to implement a MPU6050 through I2C and a TFT display through SPI, I have tried to implement something with the examples provided for Keil, and I have also tried with the MCUXpresso IDE and SDK, without success.

There is some "basic" way to start a implementation for SPI and I2C?

Something like:

      -Init Peripherals

      -Send/Receive to/from SPI with interrupts

      -Send/Receive to/from I2C with interrupts

Thank you

Best regards

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Victor,

Hope you are doing well.

For iMXRT1010-EVK there are examples using both protocols that can help you get started. To import these projects from MCUXpresso IDE make sure that you have already imported the SDK and have included all middleware components. On the bottom left corner there is a quick start panel. Select import SDK examples and then choose the imxrt 1010 board and then click next, here you will find all the examples available. Select the section for driver examples and expand it:


As you can see here you have i2c and spi communication available with dma, interrupt and polling techniques. All of these examples are created for board to board communication. In the case that you are using the IMXRT as the master then you will need to modify the slave address of these examples to fit your slave device and send the data as per each device needs it.

Best Regards,



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