RT1010 Flashloader example failed flash process

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RT1010 Flashloader example failed flash process

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using MCUEpresso IDE v 11.2.0 with RT1010 EVK and have difficulties with flashing Flashloader demo even with Flash memory configured in MCU settings.

File 'evkmimxrt1010_flashloader.axf' load failure: Ef(11). No flash configured.
(100) Target Connection Failed
Unable to perform operation!
Command failed with exit code 1

RT1010 properties.jpg

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello ,

Hope you are doing well.

Please try to load a regular example it looks like you may have lost connection to the target. Set the switches to serial downloader 0,0,0,1 then flash a blinky for example. Once it is working again you may set the switches back to 0,0,1,0 and try debugging your flash loader demo again. I had no problem loading the demo imported straight from the SDK without any additional modifications. 

Best Regards,



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