Please Help with MIMXRT1010-EVK I2C w/MCP23017

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Please Help with MIMXRT1010-EVK I2C w/MCP23017

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My name is Michael Uman and I am currently the lead software engineer at Wunder-Bar. I am in the process of evaluating the MIMXRT1010-EVK board and have come to the point where I want to start using I2C bus to communicate with an MCP23017 I2C port expander. I've worked with the MCP23017 before and have several projects which interface with this I2C device running on ESP32, 8266, and Arduino. I would like to be able to duplicate the work using the NXP MCU (MIMXRT1010-EVK).

I cannot find a good example for a starting point. I am posting this in the hopes that some kind programmer out there reading this would like to share his experience with this excellent MCU. I am not asking for someone to write the code for me, just a pointer to what SDK functions to look at and an overview of any 'gotchas' I should know about.

I have looked at the I2C examples in the SDK and none of it is making any sense to me. I would greatly appreciate any light which could be shared.

Thank you,

 Happy Holidays,

  Michael Uman

  Sr Software Engineer


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Michael Uman ,

  Thank you for your interest in NXP MIMXRT1010 product,  I would like to provide service for you.

  If you want to communicate MCP23017 through I2C with MIMXRT1010, you can refer to the SDK code for RT1010:

Welcome | MCUXpresso SDK Builder 

 The code folder:


You also can refer to the ecompass project:


 This project is using the SDK i2c driver to communicate with the I2C FXOS8700  sensor, then you just need to modify the command to your MCP23017 communication command, just refer to your MCP23017  datasheet.

Wish it helps you!

If you still have questions about it, please kindly let me know.

Have a great day,


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