MIMXRT1062CVL5A Alternative Connection For FLASH: How to access?

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MIMXRT1062CVL5A Alternative Connection For FLASH: How to access?

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I have a custom design using an MIMXRT1062CVL5A processor connected to a Winbond FLASH (W25N01GVZEIG) using the following connections:

FlexSPI_D3_B                [L5] GPIO_SD_B1_00
FlexSPI_D2_B                [M5] GPIO_SD_B1_01
FLEXSPI_B_SS0_B       [H2] GPIO_SD_B0_04
FlexSPI_D0_B                [M4] GPIO_SD_B1_03
FlexSPI_CLK_B              [P2] GPIO_SD_B1_04
FlexSPI_D1_B                [M3] GPIO_SD_B1_02

This configuration is different from the EVK board but seems allowable according to the reference manual. My question is: Is it possible to connect to this board using the PE Micro debugger and drop code onto this FLASH given it's location being different from the EVK board? How do I specify where this FLASH device is connected so that the debugger can find it? 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Thomas,

This connection is ok. ROM boot code can recognize the QSPI flash automatically. You can see this connection is list in Table 8.1. You must take care that W25N01 is a serial NAND flash. It's boot config is different from serial NOR flash on EVK board. For example, BOOT_CFG1[7]~BOOT_CFG1[4] should be 1,1,x,x. Details please find in Table 8-11. The section 8.6.2 is serial NAND Flash Boot over FlexSPI.

Serial NAND flash can't support XIP. This is determined by NAND structure. That means you can't debug on it. You can only copy code from flash to RAM and execute it in RAM.