MIMXRT1050 EVK - DAPLink - debug fails

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MIMXRT1050 EVK - DAPLink - debug fails

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Hi all,

EDIT: The fix was to mass erase the hyperflash image first as described in: https://mcuoneclipse.com/2017/12/16/mcuxpresso-ide-v10-1-0-with-i-mx-rt1052-crossover-processor/

Afterwards, flashing worked like a charm.

I'm following the guide on starting with the MIMX RT 1050 EVK (setting up the project for RT1050EVK from the SDK). The issue that I'm having is with the "Project Debug" step. I can successfully attach a DAPLink/CMSIS-DAP probe that is found by the MCUExpresso IDE.

However, when launching the debug, I get the following error message:

MCUXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v10.1 (Dec 19 2017 16:58:35 - crt_emu_cm_redlink build 390)
Found chip XML file in C:/Users/XXXXXXXX/Documents/MCUXpressoIDE_10.1.1_606/workspace/MIMXRT1052xxxxx_Project_test_mimxrt1050/Debug\MIMXRT1052xxxxx.xml
Reconnected to existing redlink server (PID 4294967295)
Connecting to probe 1 core 0 (server PID unknown) gave 'OK'
Probe Firmware: DAPLink CMSIS-DAP (ARM)
Serial Number:  0227000041114e450004300dc40300245ab1000097969900
VID:PID:  0D28:0204
USB Path: \\?\hid#vid_0d28&pid_0204&mi_03#7&247a767&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}
connection failed - Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255... Retrying
Failed on connect: Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255.
Connected&Reset. Was: NotConnected. DpID: 00000000. CpuID: 00000000. Info: <None>
Last stub error 0: OK
Last sticky error: 0x0 AIndex: 0
Debug bus selected: MemAp 0
DAP Speed test unexecuted or failed
Debug protocol: SWD. RTCK: Disabled. Vector catch: Disabled.
(100) Target Connection Failed
error closing down debug session - Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255.

Additionally, I get the following dialog that is a bit surprising. I'm using SDK generated from the MCUexpress SDK builder for MIMXRT1050 and used it as board config during project setup.

Board: MIMXRT1050-EVK, REV A


Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,


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