IMXRT1176 MIPI CSI2 Peripheral one-bit error and two bit error not set

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IMXRT1176 MIPI CSI2 Peripheral one-bit error and two bit error not set

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I have imxrt1166 eval board and have ovp5640 camera. When I changed  "tHsSettle_EscClk" parameter in examples of SDK to a higher value, I am getting the one bit error, two bit error and other ones respectively from MIPICSI2RX peripheral with debugger. See the screeenshots below.



However, when I changed the same parameter value to a higher value in my custom PCB, I do not get any one bit and two bit errors. See the screenshots below;



If I set this parameter to the value what it must be, then I got no error from both eval board and my custom PCB. In my custom PCB, I am setting that parameter to 0x0C. In eval board, I remains it unchanged as in sdk example.





I am trying to find the problem I faced for some time regarding ADV7280-m decoder chip. I could not get video from adv7280-m yet. That is why I am changing it deliberately to see the difference between eval board and my board. Waiting your assistance.

I already opened two tickets for the issue, "does imxrt1170 mipi csi2 support serial itu-r.bt656 format?" and " IMXRT1176 MIPI_CSI2RX_not_run"

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