IMXRT1064 SD Peripheral with RAM

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IMXRT1064 SD Peripheral with RAM

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Hi Dear Authorized,

I am trying to use SDHC Driver with a Hyperbus RAM. I connectted required pins of my RAM to the USDHC2 Ports below:



I am curious about how it is possible to use it via SDK. When I look into default SDK example it is designed like we use sd-card. The flow is like below shortly:

  1. Config SD Pins
  2. Wait for Insert to SD Card to the target port on board.
  3. Power Up the Card
  4. Init Card
  5. Print Card Informations as Log
  6. Check Read Only Status
  7. SD_WriteBlocks and SD_ReadBlocks functions runs

I want to know whether writing specific address of RAM it is possible or not.


Could you please help me about this topic?


Thanks and Regards.




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I don’t think it is possible to interface a serial HyperRAM through uSDHC module. You need to use FlexSPI for this as that module supports hyperbus devices.


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