How can I use gpio driver using gpio register ?

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How can I use gpio driver using gpio register ?

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I use i.mxrt1020 evk board and I try to write program.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


In the following page, you can download the MCUXpresso SDK for the i.MXRT1020-EVK. The MCUXpresso SDK is a comprehensive software enablement package designed to simplify and accelerate application development with NXP’s LPC and Kinetis microcontrollers and i.MX RT crossover processors based on Arm Cortex-M cores. The MCUXpresso SDK includes production-grade software with integrated RTOS (optional), integrated stacks and middleware, reference software, and more.

Within the examples of the SDK, you will find a blinky project. You can use this project to see how to configure and write to the GPIO pins. 

To learn how to install the SDK you can check section 5.4 of MCUXpresso User Guide.  For how to import the SDK examples you can check chapter 7 of the user guide.

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