Great used experience with rt1020 eval

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Great used experience with rt1020 eval

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I recently responded to an NXP survey and won a i.MX RT 1020 evaluation kit.

I installed the mcuexpresso and rt1020 SDK on a Mac and everything worked as advertised!

This was a great startup!

Nice to find the Mac MCUXpresso has a built in terminal window, no need for putty or screen

I ran the mbedtls benchmark examples as I had experience working with mbedtls.  Made a few changes to test bigger keys.  The IDE and debugger worked as expected.

As a side note:  Reading the MCUXpresso SDK USB Stack Device Reference Manual.pdf I noticed a slight formatting error.  The USB CDC ACM Class driver and USB CDC RNDIS driver chapters are shown as sub chapters to the USB DFU class!  Yea, some of us read the docs :smileyhappy:.  It is a very useful document

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Larry Harmon

Thanks for sharing your experience with our products, glad to hear that you had a positive outcome. I will report the format error for coming releases.


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