Boot cfg setting in iMXRT1050

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Boot cfg setting in iMXRT1050

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I'm making a custom board based on iMXRT1050 series and my first board only had the SDRAM memory connected to the iMXRT1050.

After some development, storage was required for my project, so I have decided to add the same QSPI flash memory that was used in iMXRT1050 EVB.

So my plan is to run the initialization program from the iMXRT1050 internally and load the larger stored program in the QSPI on the SDRAM. Will this be possible or is there no nonvolatile memory for this purpose?

If my plan above is possible, what will be the standard circuit connection for the boot configuration pins? Since I will initialize the board using the program in the internal memory, do I have to float all the cfg pins? I really would like to use all the GPIO pins if possible.


And I want to be able to update the QSPI flash data using a host computer connected via USB. Is there any resource that I can refer to for doing this? Currently, the USB is used for a USB audio device.


Thank You

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Audio,

You may use the i.MXRT1050-EVK SDK as reference as you would be using the same QSPI, and it also has SDRAM.

As for booting, you would need to boot from an external flash device, so you can boot from the QSPI, for example.

As for the Boot Configuration pins, you may work around them by booting from internal fuses. However, when prototyping it is recommended to have access to the boot configuration pins as to be able to change them while testing the board.

I hope that this information helps!