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BLHost - Execute application from NOR

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We are a production partner for a product that uses MIMXRT 1061. We are trying to set up a production test SW for the MIMXRT1060-based custom board.


During our development we had the following boot fuses configured FLASH_AUTO_PROBE_EN=1 and BT_FUSE_SEL=1. This gave us a successful boot to the application with both BOOT_MODE[1:0] = 00 (Boot from fuses) and BOOT_MODE[1:0] = 10 (Internal ROM).

Now we are trying to boot a production test application from FLEXSPI NOR memory on unfused units. I am trying to use the flash loader for MIMXRT1060 to load the application into the NOR memory. The write seems to be fine but the application does not seem to boot properly.


Here are the steps I am following.

sdphost -u 0x1FC9,0x0135 -- error-status

sdphost -u 0x1FC9,0x0135 -j -- write-file 0x20001C00 unsigned_MIMXRT1060_flashloader.bin

sleep 1 sdphost -u 0x1FC9,0x0135 -j -- jump-address 0x20001C00

sleep 3

echo ### Configure FlexSPI NOR memory using options on address 0x2000 ###

blhost -t 5000 %blhost_connect% -- fill-memory 0x2000 4 0xC0000008 word

blhost -t 5000 %blhost_connect% -- configure-memory 9 0x2000

@echo### Erase memory before writing image ###

blhost -t 50352 %blhost_connect% -- flash-erase-region 0x60000000 35248 9

@echo### Create Flash Configuration Block (FCB) using option on address 0x2000 ###

blhost -t 5000 %blhost_connect% -- fill-memory 0x2000 4 0xF000000F word

blhost -t 5000 %blhost_connect% -- configure-memory 9 0x2000

@echo### Write image ###

blhost -t 5000 %blhost_connect% -- write-memory 0x60001000 test_sw.bin 9

blhost -t 5000 %blhost_connect% -- read-memory 0x60001000 8

blhost -t 5000 %blhost_connect% -- execute 0x6001 0 0


With the above steps, I am able to load the image to the external flash memory. The Factory Test application can boot if I fuse BT_FUSE_SEL=1. But the problem for us right now is that we don't want to fuse the unit during testing. Also, we are fully relying on SDP Host for our customer SW flashing at the end of production (we wont have access to JTAG pins when the unit is assembled).

I was wondering if there is a way to kick-start the factory test application from the NOR memory without fusing the unit. 

Please let me know if you need more information on this.

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The issue has been resolved on another thread. Here is the solution.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @raghulshanmuganathan-sigm,

I have contacted you directly on the case portal to resolve your issue.

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Thanks a lot @EdwinHz . I will follow up there.

I will post the solution here if we manage to solve the issue there.

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