App note on booting RT from raw NAND?

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App note on booting RT from raw NAND?

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Is there an app note or example on how to configure an RT106x/RT107x to boot from (non-serial) NAND?

I found bits and pieces of information, but haven't found all of the information presented in one location. It would be nice if it also included an example.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @hns80 

Many thanks for your patience. 

As far I know, we currentyl do not have an NXP released appnote, but, I think this article from our colleague @jay_heng can help :

Raw NAND startup of NXP i.MX RT1xxx series MCU  ( )

It is in Chinese but you can translate it to English.

For generating ang image to boot from parallel (RAW ) NAND you can use his MCU Boot Utility.

Also, our MCUXpresso team added NAND (parallel and serial ) support t to the MCUxpresso Secure Provisioining tool  v7.0.


This support is relatively new on the tool and it was introduced for RT117x. See the tool's user guide  MCUXSPTUG for NAND booting details. 

All the best,



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