One-stop secure boot tool: NXP-MCUBootUtility is upgraded to v1.4.0

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One-stop secure boot tool: NXP-MCUBootUtility is upgraded to v1.4.0

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One-stop secure boot tool: NXP-MCUBootUtility is upgraded to v1.4.0

Source code:


> 1. Can generate .sb file by actions in efuse operation utility window
>    支持生成仅含自定义efuse烧写操作(在efuse operation windows里指定)的.sb格式文件

> 1. HAB signed mode should not appliable for FlexSPI/SEMC NOR device Non-XIP boot with RT1020/1015 ROM
>    HAB签名模式在i.MXRT1020/1015下应不支持从FlexSPI NOR/SEMC NOR启动设备中Non-XIP启动
> 2. HAB encrypted mode should not appliable for FlexSPI/SEMC NOR device boot with RT1020/1015 ROM
>    HAB加密模式在i.MXRT1020/1015下应不支持从FlexSPI NOR/SEMC NOR启动设备中启动
> 3. Multiple .sb files(all, flash, efuse) should be generated if there is efuse operation in all-in-one action
>    当All-In-One操作中包含efuse烧写操作时,会生成3个.sb文件(全部操作、仅flash操作、仅efuse操作)
> 4. Can generate .sb file without board connection when boot device type is NOR
>    当启动设备是NOR型Flash时,可以不用连接板子直接生成.sb文件
> 5. Automatic image readback can be disabled to save operation time
>    一键操作下的自动程序回读可以被禁掉,用以节省操作时间
> 6. The text of language option in menu bar should be static and easy understanding
>    菜单栏里的语言选项标签应该是静态且易于理解的(中英双语同时显示)

> 1. Cannot generate bootable image when original image (hex/bin) size is larger than 64KB
>    当输入的源image文件格式为hex或者bin且其大小超过64KB时,生成可启动程序会失败
> 2. Cannot download large image file (eg 6.8MB) in some case
>    当输入的源image文件非常大时(比如6.8MB),下载可能会超时失败
> 3. There is language switch issue with some dynamic labels
>    当切换显示语言时,有一些控件标签(如Connect按钮)不能实时更新
> 4. Some led demos of RT1050 EVKB board are invalid
>    /apps目录下RT1050 EVKB板子的一些LED demo是无效的


> 1. Support for loading bootable image into uSDHC SD/eMMC boot device
>    支持下载Bootable image进主动启动设备 - uSDHC接口SD/eMMC卡
> 2. Provide friendly way to view and set mixed eFuse fields
>    支持更直观友好的方式去查看/设置某些混合功能的eFuse区域

> 1. Set default FlexSPI NOR device to align with NXP EVK boards
>    默认FlexSPI NOR device应与恩智浦官方EVK板卡相匹配
> 2. Enable real-time gauge for Flash Programmer actions
>    为通用Flash编程器里的操作添加实时进度条显示



Hi Jay:

请问运行NXP-MCUBootUtility.exe 遇到这个错误知道大概原因是什么吗?


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 944, in <module>
File "", line 63, in __init__
File "mem\", line 22, in __init__
File "fuse\", line 18, in __init__
File "run\", line 66, in __init__
File "gen\", line 23, in __init__
File "ui\", line 84, in __init__
File "ui\", line 215, in setTargetSetupValue
File "run\", line 95, in createMcuTarget
File "run\", line 54, in createTarget
File "C:\Users\jichunfan\Downloads\NXP-MCUBootUtility-master\NXP-MCUBootUtilit
y-master\src\targets\MIMXRT1021\", line 52, in <module>
availableBootDevices = uidef.kBootDevice_Latest
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'kBootDevice_Latest'
[15864] Failed to execute script main

Getting same error any solution??

Please download release version rather than development version

All release versions are right here Releases · JayHeng/NXP-MCUBootUtility · GitHub 

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