what is the purpose of linux-fslc git?

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what is the purpose of linux-fslc git?

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As of 3/22 the linux-fslc repo has been refreshed from downstream (kernel.org) to 5.4.28 but the support in imx-linux @ 5.4.3 for imx8mp is still missing.

We used to get imx-linux from freescale's git but now it is a separate development that is (somehow) upstream of linux-fslc?

Obviously we would prefer a vendor base repo but if imx8mp support is elsewhere...

imx-linux => linux-fslc => arm.linux.org.uk => kernel.org


imx-linux => arm.linux.org.uk => kernel.org

         \\                      //

           =>    linux-fslc    <=         (ie., linux-fslc is a merge bucket and has no downstream at all)

If there is a document that states is Freescale's intention for linux-fslc wrt its up-stream (imx-linux) and down-stream (git.arm.linux.org?) and its intended refresh rate, it would be service to your customers.


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I assume in the branch "5.4-2.0.x-imx", "2.0.x" refers to community BSP version fixes? Is there any readme/way to follow what is upcoming BSP version for same upstream branch? e.g. if we started with 5.4-2.0.x-imx, then what is new in 5.4-2.3.x-imx and when is 5.4-2.4.x-imx coming?



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Senior Contributor II

As mentioned, the linux-fslc is intended to cover different needs:

  1. Offer Linux mainline based branches with bugfixes and critical backports (e.g 5.4.x+fslc)
  2. Offer NXP-forked branches with community fixes as well as stable bug fixes (e.g 4.14-2.3.x-imx)
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What is the difference between the 5.4x+fslc and branch in the linux-fslc repo? 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Dave,

There are two BSPs, the BSP Releases which are supported by NXP and their documentation can be found on the Linux i.MX webpage, and the Community BSP.

A BSP Release roadmap is not publicly available, but as you may see there are new BSPs every several months. However, it usually lags in respect to the Linux Mainline Kernel as a lot of work is done to ensure that the kernel works correctly on the NXP hardware. The kernel from these BSP Releases (linux-imx) can be found on the following repository and it is indeed an upstream from the Community BSP Kernel.



As for the Community BSP, it’s constantly being updated by the Community but due to its nature is hard to predict how fast each branch will be developed.

You can find more information about the Community BSP on the link below:


The Kernel recipes of the community BSP (linux-fslc) would be on the meta-freescale layer:



The kernel goes downstream from mainline Kernel to the Community BSP and then to the BSP Release. As for going upstream to the Kernel.org repository, I’m not sure the whole porting is sent upstream but I know several patches do.

OtavioSalvador, would you have any further info you may provide especially regarding how the kernel form the community BSP is sent upstream to Kernel.org?